8 Crazy Places People Have Tried to Sleep

July 27, 2018

When you need to sleep, you need to sleep – and people have proven that time and time again.

More often than not, we tend to nod off in weird places, and in public too! When animals and kids pass out in weird positions, like face first in a shoe or on a pile of LEGOs, it’s adorable, but when adults do it, it’s hilarious (and sometimes dangerous.

It’s true that while some places you end up are safe and comfortable, others can pose a serious threat. For example, falling asleep at the wheel of a car could mean there is a bigger problem at play, and could very well indicate that you might have sleep apnea.

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Whether inebriated, narcoleptic, stranded, (untreated or undiagnosed with sleep apnea),  or just plain sleep deprived, here are 10 crazy places people have slept:


Photo Credit: College Humor

Toddlers are infamous for toilet snooze fests, and it’s both hilarious and cute. When grown men and women pass out on the toilet, though, it’s both funny and a little gross.

This guy can’t be comfortable, but at least he brought a pillow?


Photo Credit 

Not everyone falls asleep at work with their head in their hands or on their desk…some people get creative and climb under the desk, cramming their sweaters or jackets into makeshift pillows. The tie on the chair is a tell-tale sign that this guy is done for the day.


Photo Credit: World Lifestyle 

Anyone who’s ever taken public transit has fallen asleep and missed their stop – most people try to be relatively inconspicuous about it, but others have no qualms about stretching out (much to the irritation of fellow passengers).

You’ve got to admire this woman’s innovative sleep mask though!


Photo Credit: BBC

Sometimes a power nap is necessary, but usually, sleep deprivation leads to a host of bad choices.

Look at this guy passed on a huge pile of rice sacks. What if he rolls over? What if he drops that cigarette? What if it lights one of the sacks on fire? This is not a good situation.


Photo Credit: WordPress blog

With 73% of university students reporting sleep problems, they’re one of the most sleep deprived groups of people – think: all that procrastination, all that partying, all that studying. It’s no wonder college kids are passing out in libraries (okay, sometimes the textbook is just plain boring). Why not climb on top of the private study carrels and take a nap?


Photo Credit: cruiseBulletin

Motorbikes aren’t a bad place to nap…are they? Apparently, they’re actually pretty cozy if you like to lie perfectly still so your bike doesn’t tip over. This guy even kicked of his shoes!


Photo Credit: Annie The Live In France Guide

Almost everyone has slept at the airport during late night layovers, early morning flight delays, or when they’re stranded there. And while some airports have seating designed to accommodate that reality (think flat, cushioned chairs or cozy sofas), some seem designed to make your wait unbearable. But the cumbersome arm rests aren’t stopping this guy from sleeping.


Photo Credit: ODDITIES

Cupboard sleeping isn’t just for kids, sometimes an adult needs a sneaky place to catch some zzzzs. Whether you’re hiding from your boss or your children… if the cupboard fits?

If you find yourself falling asleep in one of these strange places, or frequently nodding off during the day, it might not be a coincidence – you might have sleep apnea. Take our sleep quiz, or meet with one of our sleep experts, to learn more.

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