Home & Portable Oxygen Saskatchewan

Our Commitment To You

Our patient-centred Careica Health assurance to physicians means complete confidence your patient will be provided with:

Same day referral processing with prompt, in-home oxygen delivery and installation.
Empowerment through patient education on their therapy and equipment, to enhance self-management and use of oxygen therapy.
Continuity of Care with the same Careica Health Oxygen professional visiting your patient’s home for regular follow-up visits, which includes servicing equipment and restocking supplies.
Protection of patient quality of life through appropriate interventions.
Emergency support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Careica Health Provides You With:

Peace of mind that your patient’s needs will be well taken care of by our friendly and fiercely caring Careica Health’s home oxygen professionals.
Timely communication with follow-up reports each time an assessment is completed (customized reports available if required).
Early warning notice, through direct contact, by our home oxygen professionals should they observe a change in your patient’s health status.
Encourage Proper Inhaler Use
Careica Healthprovides easily sharable and printable PDF information sheets on how to properly use inhalers.
Home Oxygen Equipment
Careica Healthcarries a wide range of quiet, easy-to-use, energy efficient home and portable oxygen equipment and supplies.