Sleep Apnea Saskatchewan

Our Commitment To You

With Careica Health's patient-centred approach and commitment to physicians, you can be completely confident that your patient will be provided with:

Quick access for at-home sleep studies and diagnosis, including consultation with a sleep specialist or Respirologist as required.
Affordable customized treatment
  • Our unique Sleep Care Plan offers your patients monthly payment plans, unlimited service and lifelong care.

  • Careica Health offers the latest technology in CPAP equipment and supplies.

Assurance your patients will be seen by our team of Careica Health sleep experts
  • Careica Health promises to empower patients with the knowledge and the tools for effective treatment; all night, every night.

Improved quality of life your patients deserve
  • Careica Health's unique care approach keeps your patient compliant with treatment, ensuring successful outcomes.

Helping Your Patients

How Careica Health Can Help
Sleep apnea is easily diagnosed and treatable.
Take The Quiz
Patients understand their risk for sleep apnea with this quiz.
Request Sleep Study
An overnight at-home sleep test reveals if your patient has sleep apnea.