Insomnia therapy

Sleeping pills are not the answer to insomnia. Insomnia therapy is the most effective, research-supported, long-term solution to insomnia and improvements can be seen within a few short weeks.
Insomnia therapy

About Insomnia Therapy

What is insomnia therapy?

Insomnia therapy is a highly effective, clinically supported, first-line treatment for insomnia and behavioural sleep disorders. Utilizing a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach, clinicians work with you to understand your sleep thoughts and behaviours, implement strategies to modify and adapt them positively, and improve your overall sleep experience. Insomnia therapy improves the quality of your sleep, leading to improved daytime performance.

Insomnia therapy is the most recommended and effective long-term solution to insomnia.

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Aaron Arkin,


Registered Psychotherapist

Aaron is a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and Registered Psychotherapist with a wealth of experience in the sleep industry. He has worked in sleep clinics across Canada and the US, helping to establish their sleep testing and insomnia programs. Aaron’s focus is on behavioural sleep issues—primarily insomnia. In his clinical practice, Aaron utilizes CBT-I to help people suffering from insomnia and behavioural sleep issues. Through his practice, patients learn about their sleep patterns and discover effective tools and strategies to help overcome their sleep issues in the short term and throughout the lifespan!

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