Lumin vs SoClean 2: CPAP Sanitizer Showdown

May 15, 2019

UPDATE: Recent evidence suggests that ozone sanitizers may damage CPAP machines and ResMed has updated their warranty to exclude any damage caused by ozone CPAP sanitizers. See ResMed for details:

As a result, Careica Health no longer carries the SoClean 2 CPAP sanitizer. Instead, we offer the Lumin sanitizer. The Lumin sanitization process uses UV-C—not ozone—which is safe for your CPAP equipment. Its quick and easy 5-minute cycle can disinfect not only your CPAP equipment, but other household items as well! The Lumin is available for purchase at all Careica Health locations, over the phone at 1-888-297-7889 or online at:   


Keeping your CPAP supplies clean and bacteria-free is essential to keeping your CPAP treatment effective. CPAP sanitizers are becoming increasingly popular for their ease of use and hands-off sanitization of CPAP supplies. The Lumin and the SoClean 2 are two of the top CPAP sanitizers on the market and while they’re both great devices, each operates a little differently. So what exactly are the differences between the two CPAP sanitizers?

Please note that general washing of your supplies is still recommended in order to ensure skin oils, lotions, etc. are completely removed from masks and accessories.



The Lumin is the latest model on the market and operates with a high-powered UV-C light source that is proven to kill fungus, mold, viruses, and other harmful bacteria.

Its quick and easy 5-minute cycle can disinfect not only your CPAP accessories but other household items as well—baby bottles, remotes, toothbrushes, etc. The UV-C systems are widely used to disinfect ambulances and other high-touch areas, such as operating rooms. With its UV-C sanitization, the Lumin is environmentally friendly and leaves no residue, toxic gases or chemicals.

The Lumin has a drawer compartment where items are placed to be disinfected. Only items that fit in this drawer are able to be sanitized.

SoClean 2


The SoClean was the first CPAP sanitizer on the market. With the SoClean 2, you are able to sanitize your mask, tubing and water chamber all together as one—no disassembly required. It cannot, however, sanitize other household items. The SoClean 2, like the Lumin, does not require water or chemicals. Instead of UV-C, the SoClean 2 uses activated oxygen (ozone) which completely sanitizes the mask, tubing and water chamber.

To sanitize, the user simply places their CPAP mask in the bin, closes the lid, and hits the button to start the 2-hour sanitizing cycle (or uses the automatic timer). A filter and check valve will need to be replaced after six months of normal use.

Both machines offer convenience and extensive sanitizing ability, killing 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs on your CPAP supplies.

*Please see the important update above regarding ozone sanitizers.


LuminSoClean 2
DETAILS AdaptersDoes not use adaptersAdapters required. Pricing varies depending on machine. Some machines do not req. an
Cartridge filtersDoes not use filtersOne filter included. Requires replacing every 6-12 months.
Warranty24 months24 months
HOW IT WORKSSanitization methodUV-C LightOzone
Sanitization time5 minutes per item2 hours – can be preset
Sanitization odorNoneMild
Can sanitize CPAP mask,
hose, & chamber?
Yes, one at a timeYes, all together
Can sanitize water in
Can sanitize other items?Yes, any item that fits in


CPAP sanitizers are a great way to keep your equipment clean and bacteria-free. Want more info on the Lumin sanitizer? Or are you looking to order one for your CPAP equipment? Send us an email or give us a call at 1-877-250-5622 to learn more or to place an order! You can also order yours online—visit:

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