Introducing Careica Virtual!

Friday, January 24, 2020

a new way to get tested and treated for sleep apnea

We are pleased to introduce the latest innovation in health services to western Canada – Careica Virtual. With Careica Virtual, you can now enjoy the convenience of testing and treatment for sleep apnea without ever leaving your home or office! Live out of town? We'll ship you your sleep study! Too busy to come in for your appointment? We'll meet with you via a video call!

How does it work?

Virtual Care process

  1. To test for sleep apnea, we'll mail a home sleep study right to your door.
  2. We'll contact you to discuss the results of your sleep study.
  3. If you have sleep apnea, you will meet virtually with a Careica Health clinician to begin your in-home CPAP therapy evaluation.
  4. After the evaluation period, you will meet virtually with a Careica Health clinician to review your CPAP therapy evaluation and to begin your long-term therapy! Once on long-term therapy, we'll continue to offer treatment and support via video calling.  

Can I access care both in person and virtually?
You can pick and choose to complete any part of your treatment journey in person at one of our clinics or virtually. Want to do your sleep study virtually but meet in person for treatment? No problem! Prefer to come in for your sleep study but meet virtually for treatment? That works too! The choice is yours.

How do I get started on Careica Virtual?

Careica Virtual is open to new and existing Careica Health clients. Contact to get started or to change your next appointment to virtual!