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Whether you’re a Careica Health Oxygen client or a healthcare professional, call 1-855-672-6262 for immediate support. We’re available 24/7 for emergency support or new referrals.

Oxygen care that’s a breath of fresh air

At home or on-the-go, we provide you with the oxygen equipment and support to keep you living life to the fullest.


Oxygen treatment at home

It all starts at home. Our expert technicians visit you at home to setup your equipment, walk you through your oxygen therapy & equipment, and answer any questions you have.


Home oxygen concentrators

Your at-home source for continuous oxygen therapy

Back-up oxygen cylinders

Ensures oxygen is available in the event of power outages or technical issues with your concentrator

Oxygen regulators

Sets your prescribed oxygen flow from oxygen cylinders

Disposable supplies

Everything you need to safely and comfortably receive your oxygen therapy

…and on the go

Take your oxygen with you wherever life takes you. With new, ultra-portable oxygen solutions, we ensure you have the right equipment to leave home for hours, days, or even weeks.

Portable oxygen concentrators

Small, and ultra portable, these lightweight concentrators run on batteries and work just like your home oxygen concentrator

Portable oxygen cylinders

On-the-go oxygen tanks that are carried in a bag or pulled in a cart

Oxygen conserving devices

Help conserve your oxygen cylinders, making them last up to six times longer


Pump up your lung power with pulmonary rehabilitation

Take the next step toward stronger lung function with our online pulmonary rehabilitation program. Get customized resources that help reduce breathlessness and improve quality of life.

Available only through our partner, iMasterHealth.


Online Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Receive self-guided exercises, daily challenges, breathing techniques, and education - all in one program! Enjoy lung-friendly recipes, virtual group classes, chair yoga, stretching, and more! Use promo code CARE to save 10%.


How is oxygen prescribed?

Through your doctor or a healthcare professional.

You may be referred by your physician for a test to assess your respiratory condition and to determine whether oxygen therapy is right for you. These tests can include oximetry, arterial blood gases, sleep studies, and pulmonary function testing.


How do I get coverage for my oxygen therapy?

Getting funding for your oxygen can be confusing—we make it easy. Oxygen is considered a medication, so many provincial programs and private health insurance plans cover the cost of oxygen for home use.  Not sure if you have coverage? Give us a call and we can help determine your coverage through your provincial health program and your private insurance plan.

Treatment Benefits

Better breathing, better life

Treating your respiratory disease is life-changing. Breathe in a better life on oxygen.

Quality of life

More energy for everything


Improved exercise tolerance and portable solutions

Prolonged life

Reduces risk of death by 24%

Less hospital visits

Reduces risk of hospitalization by 28%

Why Careica?

Oxygen care, from people who truly care

It’s not just in our name. We care deeply about your health and quality of life on oxygen. Experience the Careica difference today!

24-hour support

Fast access to treatment

Equipment training and support

Regular at-home checkups

Virtual appointments

Fully accredited


What our clients are saying

We sleep better knowing you’re sleeping and breathing better.

CALJ Channel

BIG Thanks to the folks at Careica Health. I had a fairly urgent need for a home oxygen unit and they got it to me super fast - they are always so helpful... and patient. (special thx to Trevor & Paul).

Pat D.
Pat D.

I love this place very nice to seniors don't act like I'm bothering them when I need help. Ryan is awesome always friendly explains everything well. I highly recommend them all .phone staff are awesome to very friendly like family

Marion S.
Marion S.

I've dealt with a number of Oxygen Suppliers over the past twenty years and the service I received from the Careica employee that worked with me in getting new equipment was remarkable. It's been many years since I've experienced such great customer service from any business. Professional, Knowledgeable and Personable.

Andy L.
Andy L.

Exceptionally knowledgeable and caring therapists and staff. I highly recommend Careica Health for your respiratory care. They definitely go above and beyond for their clients.

Carlee S.
Carlee S.

Taking my baby home from the hospital on oxygen was daunting, stressful and scary. Careica health was nothing but helpful. From the fast and friendly service to needing help with troubleshooting they are nothing but top notch. We moved the day after my son was told he could come off oxygen and they came the same day to pickup the machine and supplies so we didn't have to move it. My whole experience was great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who need their services.

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Breathe easy and live life to the fullest on oxygen

Breathe in a better life with oxygen therapy from Careica Health. Talk to your doctor about your respiratory health and ask if oxygen therapy is right for you or contact us to learn more!