Snoring and sleep apnea is severely underdiagnosed

Living with snoring or sleep apnea can have a huge impact on nearly every aspect of daily life. Patient’s health, energy, and even relationships can all suffer. Let’s end snoring and sleep apnea for good!


What is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?

OSA is a common, chronic condition characterized by episodic narrowing and obstruction of the airway during sleep. It is estimated that 90% of OSA is undiagnosed, with patients often experiencing symptoms for many years prior to diagnosis.

Normal breathing

Unobstructed airway


Partial obstruction of airway

Sleep apnea

Complete obstruction of airway


What are the symptoms of OSA

Snoring is a common symptom, but there are others. If your patient is presenting with any of the following symptoms, your patient could be suffering from OSA and should be referred to Careica Health for a sleep study.

Mood changes

Large neck

Family history of sleep apnea

Morning headaches

Daytime fatigue

Memory loss

Lack of concentration



Witnessed pauses in breathing during sleep

Low sex drive

Nighttime bathroom trips


What are the different types of sleep studies?

There are three different types of sleep studies—some are done in a sleep lab, some are done at the patient’s home. We offer two different types of sleep studies (level 3 & level 2). Patients sleep in comfort of their own bed, and you get in-depth test results—it’s a win-win!


Level 3 Sleep Study

Level 3

Home sleep apnea test

Level 2 Sleep Study

Level 2

Home in-depth sleep test

Level 1 Sleep Study

Level 1

In-lab, in-depth sleep test


Effective sleep apnea and snoring solutions

Treatment is anything but “one size fits all.” We have flexible treatment solutions to fit your patient’s needs and lifestyle.


CPAP therapy

CPAP therapy

Oral appliance therapy


Dietitian services for sleep

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