What should I take with me when traveling with oxygen?

For Your Oxygen Needs

  • RANA's phone number: 1 (855) 672-6262

  • A copy of your prescription and treatment plan in case of flare-ups

Other Traveling Necessities

  • your provincial Personal Healthcare Number

  • your doctor’s name and office phone number

  • emergency contact’s name and phone number (e.g. family, friend)

  • letter from your doctor about your condition, to any healthcare professional (e.g. doctor, nurse, etc.) you may need to see while traveling

  • list of your allergies, vaccinations and current medications

  • prescription for antibiotics and/or prednisone, if prescribed

  • name of a doctor at your destination; make sure this doctor receives current medical information from your Canadian doctor before you travel

  • copy of your Health Directive (ensure your family is aware of your wishes)

  • extra medication, in case you are delayed returning home

Home Oxygen

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