If I or someone I live with has COVID-19, how should I clean and disinfect my CPAP mask and hose?

You should clean your CPAP equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes daily and weekly cleaning of certain equipment:

Daily Cleaning

  • Clean your mask daily with warm water and soap. Gently rinse with a clean towel and let the mask air-dry.
  • Alternatively, you can use CPAP wipes to clean your mask.
  • Empty any leftover water in your humidifier. Refill the humidifier with clean, distilled water right before bedtime.
  • If you’ve been sick (with COVID-19 or otherwise), it’s smart to wash your mask, tubing, humidifier and filter daily until your cold, flu or virus symptoms are gone.

 Weekly Cleaning

  • Give your mask and tubing a full bath once a week to keep it free of dust, bacteria and germs.
  • Clean your CPAP tubing, nasal mask and headgear in a bathroom sink filled with warm water and a few drops of ammonia-free, mild dish detergent.
  • Clean your filter by removing it and rinsing it in warm tap water.
    • If you have a white filter, do not wash it—these are disposable filters and should be replaced once a month.
  • Clean your humidifier weekly and disinfect it every other week. You can disinfect your humidifier by soaking it in a solution of one-part vinegar to five parts water for 30 minutes, thoroughly rinsing and then placing in your dishwasher’s top rack for washing.

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DISCLAIMER: Careica Health encourages you to follow the advice put out by the Government of Canada regarding COVID-19. The information above is for educational use only. Careica Health is unable to provide specific medical advice regarding COVID-19.

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