The sleep recorder is a portable device that measures information about your night's sleep from sensors that are attached to your body. It is a small device that does not involve masks. Most of our clients report that it is relatively comfortable and they don't experience much, if any, disruption to their sleep.


The microphone measures your snoring and how much time you spend sleeping on your back or on your side and stomach. The microphone does not record audio, such as conversations or sleep talking.

Nasal Cannula:

The nasal cannula are tiny plastic tubes that fit into your nostrils and the tubing is secured behind your ears and under your chin. It measures the airflow you generate with each breath.

Effort Belt:

The effort belt is placed around your chest. When correctly fastened, the belt should be snug, but not uncomfortable. The belt measures how much your chest expands and contracts with each breath.

Finger Probe:

The finger probe is taped to your index finger and measures the percentage of oxygen in your blood and records your heart rate.

RANA uses two models of sleep study recorders:

Sleep Care

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