What type of accessories or disposable supplies might I need?

The following accessories can contribute to the effectiveness of and comfort with your CPAP machine (available from RANA):

  • Sleep pillows:

    Specialized pillows that positions your head and body to make your CPAP machine more effective.

  • Heated humidifiers:

    Warms and humidifies the air blowing into your nose.

  • Headgear:

    Ensures your mask is sealed against your face throughout the night.

  • Tube warmers:

    Warms the pressurized air from the CPAP machine.

  • Nasal rinse:

    Inexpensive over-the-counter nasal washes to help prevent nasal irritation and congestion.

  • Hose stands:

    Elevates your CPAP hose to help keep it tangle-free during the night.

For more information about Sleep Care equipment, visit our Sleep Care Equipment section.

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