Is there extra CPAP equipment I should take with me?

Yes. Here is a list of some travel essentials that are available at all RANA locations. Your RANA therapist will teach you how to use them.

  • Fuses:

    Your CPAP machine uses a variety of fuses (e.g. 110, 220 and 12 volt). Make sure you have replacements.

  • CPAP Wipes:

    Alcohol-free wipes make cleaning of your mask and machine easy and convenient.

  • Portable Power Supplies:

    Portable power supplies ensure uninterrupted use of your CPAP when conventional power supplies are not available. We recommend a rechargeable battery, power inverter, battery adapter cable and battery charger.

  • Universal Plug Adapters:

    If traveling outside Canada or the U.S., research your destination to find out if your CPAP machine plug is compatible with the local electrical outlets. If not, you will need to purchase a set of universal plug adapters to ensure your machine will work with the electrical outlets at your hotel or resort.

    Note: Once plugged in using the power adapter, all of RANA’s CPAP machines adjust automatically to the power supply. No manual adjustments are necessary.

  • Extension Cord:

    Electrical outlets at your destination may not be conveniently located, so you should carry an extension cord.

  • Copy of Your CPAP Prescription:

    Some airlines may ask for documents verifying your need for CPAP. Ask your RANA sleep clinician for a copy of your CPAP prescription or a letter stating you are a sleep apnea client on CPAP therapy.

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