What type of oxygen accessories or disposable supplies might I need?

The most common accessories and disposable supplies are:

  • Oxygen tubing:

    The tubes that run from your oxygen equipment to your nasal prongs.

  • Nasal prongs:

    Also called nasal cannula, it fits inside your nostrils to deliver the oxygen and connects to oxygen tubing.

  • Oxygen mask:

    This mask connects to your oxygen supply and is placed over your mouth and nose. Masks are used when the lungs require a higher concentration of oxygen than the nasal prongs can deliver. They are also used when people are not able to use nasal prongs.

  • Connectors:

    These devices secure the connection between pieces of tubing.

  • Concentrator filters:

    These filters extend the life of your home oxygen concentrator.

For more information about oxygen equipment, visit our Oxygen Equipment section.

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